Log houses are a very ecological and healthy alternative for brick houses. The construction of a wooden house lasts about 3-4 weeks. A big plus of this kind of houses is that their construction may be conducted in all seasons, even in winter. All modifications of installations are carried out easily. Wood perfectly substitutes for insulating installation thanks to natural regulation of humidity and air temprature in the rooms. Theses advatanges make additional insulating in a wooden house unnecessary. Wooden house breathes with the whole surface of its walls and because of that there is no need to install ventilation grills. Ethereal oils that are emitted from the wood affect people's health in a positive way. The outside look of wooden houses make them fit into the environment, creating harmonic landscape.

The wood that is recommended and most often used for building houses is spruce wood. Its characterictics and availability in Poland influence the buifing costs, wchich in comparison with other kinds of woods are unbeatable. Spruce wood is easy to process, soft and thanks to great number of grains – springy and solid. Planing wood prevents insects activity. In order to increease fire resistance of the wood it is subject to four-sides planing, after which the smooth surface of the wood prevents catching fire.

Before starting construction a wooden house, each part undergoes a preservation process. Firstly, in order to protect the wood from mould and prevent it from catching fire instantly, it is treated with salt preparation in the shape of salty solution batchs. Next after finishing the house in the austere state the inside is protected with an indifferent to ecology and people substance.